Salt Systems

We specialize in salt water systems and we are a residential service dealer for Ecomatic Salt Systems. Many of our regular weekly serviced pools are salt water. We are experts in keeping your systems working correctly, without adding liquid chlorine to your pool. We are able to keep your salt cell working for longer than the expected lifespan.

Salt systems are really nice to have, especially on a high use pool. Its great on the skin, hair, eyes, and it provides a sanitizer throughout the filter run time everyday.

If you have questions about installing a salt system, contact us at 805.428.0132.

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Clearflo Pools installs salt systems.

Ecomatic Salt Systems Warranty Service

Ecomatic Salt SystemsClearflo Pools, Inc. is the preferred warranty station for Ecomatic Salt Systems in the Western United States. If you have an Ecomatic Salt System that is not working properly and it is still under warranty, download and complete this questionnaire, and either fax it to 805.517.1579 or email it to

To obtain warranty service you will need to:

  • Complete the questionnaire.
  • Provide a receipt showing the serial number.
  • Provide a photo of the product showing the serial number. 

If you have additional questions, please call  877.885.0585.